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Road Freight Services


Our trucks are customized to transporting primarily:

Fur, Leather, Textile Garments, Furniture, Removal Goods, Frames, Frozen Products, etc

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Air Freight Services


Our air freight service line collaborates with all major international airlines and is able to arrange the shipment of your goods to any destination globally. KRAGIAS SPED is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association for the world’s airlines. The services that we offer are the following:

Daily loading of goods from Kastoria, Siatista, and Northern Greece in general to the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki using our own vehicles.

 Daily collection of goods from the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki using our own vehicles.

  • We have established relationships with partners in major international airports, and, as such, we can arrange “door-to-door” delivery of your goods and undertake COD (Collect on Delivery) of your goods.
  • Our personnel is trained to provide you with the optimal solution for your shipment and always keep you informed on the status (Arrival / Departure) of your goods.

Logistics / Warehousing


Since 2004, the company is located in modern, fully equipped, privately owned facilities in Dispilio (Kastoria), with total office area of 1.200 sq. mt. which occupy land of 12.000 sq. mt.. Our logistics services primarily focus on warehousing activities on behalf of our customers. In particular, we offer the following services:


Short term & long term storage in our facilities

Our customers may store their goods to our warehouse for as long as needed upon agreement.


Storage area rental

We offer the opportunity to our clients to rent private space (specially designed so-called “boxes”) in our warehouse in order to store their freight.


Bonded warehouse

Within our warehouse, we have a bonded warehouse where our clients can store their T1 goods (non-European goods) for as long as needed and perform the customs clearance when required.

ucs courier

UCS Courier


Daily shipments to all major international destinations.

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Ocean Freight


Daily loading of containers from the port of Thessaloniki and Piraues for all international destinations as well as daily loading containers from all major ports globally to Northern Greece.




Insurance services against all risks concerning the transportation and logistics of your goods.


Fur Auctions


A member of our company is always present in all major fur auctions and will be able to inform you on any issue that may concern you and arrange the shipment of your goods at the lowest possible cost while ensuring safety.


Further, we have established solid relationships with partners in all fur auctions.




Pick up of the goods you wish to exhibit from your facilities, safe transportation, and delivery to any exhibition globally.


Pick up of your goods from the exhibition booths and shipment back to your facilities under the constant supervision of a member of our company and our partners.


Collect On Delivery


We offer you the opportunity to arrange COD (collect on delivery) shipments to any global destination.

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National Transportation


Daily loading of goods and “door-to-door’ delivery  in any destination in  Greece.